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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Our Actors of Renown
Gill Lewis and B. Hynes were demonstrating their ability as actors.
"The bum sat on the big red box car,
His feet lay upon the ground."
"Longfellow," said Hynes.
"The wind it howled and shook
The bridge upon its piers."
"Shakespeare," said Lewis.
Chorus, "Ha, ha!"
G, Watters: "I was greatly embarrassed last Wednesday."
Monger: "H-h-h-how did that come?"
Watters: "Oh, I went into a cafe with McClintock and ordering a piece of cherry
pie, he tried to eat the stones too."
McCauley: "I hear they want a new pipe organ in the chapel."
L. Hess: "That might be all right for them that like it, but I'm plumb against
smoking in church."
Burke: "How is it that your face is so red?"
Crowley: "It's just blushing with modesty for keeping itself out of other people's
The Old Alibi
W. McCabe: "Father, I couldn't help coming late?"
"What's your excuse?"
Bill: "I intended to catch the 12:50 train and you know it's ten to one if you
get it."
Wunschel: "The Bible says that we're made of dust."
Selman: "Then how is it that we don't get muddy when we drink?"
Pies.: "Did he give any reason for climbing down the fire escape?"
Prefect: "Yes, he said he didn't want to go to the dance and so took this as a
means to escape the gang who were going."