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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Casey: "May I inquire what that paper is you are gazing at in such a melancholy
fashion ?"
Code: "You may. It's a photo of one of my intimate friends of De Witt, Mr.
Troy, who left school last week."
The Frat House
Neighbor: "The neighborhood seems a bit noisy lately, since those college fellows
moved here."
Mrs. Casey: "Yes, they must be keeping animals in there for training. I do hear
the dogs barking, the roosters crowing and the calves bellowing every night, and the
serenade begins about midnight. The only time of quiet is when the cars and fire
trucks go by."
At Bookstore
A. Overberg: "Can you give me credit for this book? I don't need it any longer."
Dutch: "Well, let me see. Half the pages are gone and the other half are torn
and soiled, but then the cover seems fairly good, doesn't it?"
Lindle: "Say, y'wanta buy a ball?"
Keeler: "What's the matter with it?"
Leroy: "Nothen."
Dan: "What are you selling it for?"
Lindle: "Nothen."
Keeler: "All right, I'll take it."
Teacher: "Fools ask questions that wise men can't answer/
Student: "That's why I flunked in exams."