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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Wouldn't It Be Funny to See
L. Boyle at a woman suffrage meeting?
R. Fitzpatrick at a dance ?
J. Code in a football game?
Al. Rempe selling an anti-smoke cure?
J. Wagner in charge of a ribbon counter ?
H. Overberg with a "Star" plug?
J. Collins driving a team of mules ?
"Red" Britt in a fight?
J. Sheppard in deep meditation?
To Make Hens Lay
Joe Code, the official keeper of the pullets, was greatly vexed at the decrease in the
production of eggs. He chanced to see an advertisement, "How to Make Hens Lay",
and immediately answered it. Here's what he got for his money: "Take a strong
string, lay the hen on a plank and tie the string around her body. If convenient you
might also put a pillow under her head."
Rhody: "Where are you from?"
Wolf: "McCausland."
Rhody: "How-large is the population,—about a hundred?"
Wolf: "Oh, no! It's a whole lot bigger than that. It's about 110."
Joe, the Waiter
Denning: "McGuire ought to be a star ball player."
Bevo: "How so?"
Denning: "Ain't he always running for plates?"