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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Midget Athletics
LIKE their older
brothers, the
Midgets gathered many laurels, being triumphant over the opponents in the three sports,
football, basket ball, and
baseball. It is said teams
of their size refuse to play
them because of the certainty of defeat; so they
are required to go beyond
Even against these odds the
little Ambrosians nearly always come out on top. They
attribute their success to the expert coaching of Father
Adrian, the Junior and Midget mentor.
The first sport which paved their way to fame and
glory was football. Soon after the opening of school in
the fall a team was whipped into shape. The little fellows met all comers and invariably downed them by decisive scores. It was not the inferiority of their opponents
which gave them the games but their own speed and team
The greatest triumph of the year was experienced in
basket ball. Playing thirteen games without a defeat is the
record for this sport. Those who witnessed any of their
games always marveled at their accuracy and team work.
In fact, Midgets seemed to be everywhere and opponents
nowhere. Whenever the ball was shot, either by friend
or foe, it invariably was received by a baby Ambrosian.
The outcome of the Midget baseball is still in doubt as
the season is early and the team as yet have not been tried;
but no doubt they will finish their schedule with a clean
slate as the preceding representatives of the team have
Since the passing stars of the Midgets are the material
for the future Junior teams, those who desert the Midget
ranks this year will no doubt be occupying the holes in the
Junior squad left vacant by graduation.