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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Junior Basket Ball
NEVER in the history of Junior basket ball has so
successful a season been experienced. The Juniors defeated Davenport, the holder of the District Championship, by a large score. By virtue
of this game the Juniors earned for themselves
a strong claim not only to the District Championship but
also to the Quad-City Championship. Along with these
laurels the team holds the distinction of being the only
five to have two of its men placed on the "All-Star Quad-
City Team". Gannon and Woeber were the two to receive this honorary position.
The season started off in great fashion. St. Patrick's
of Iowa City was the first victim, being overcome by a
42-5 score. Then the defeats of East Moline, Geneseo,
St. Mary's, and Wilton followed in quick succession.
After this string of six straight victories came the Davenport game. The scrappy little Junior team ran rings around the heavy Davenport
five in the first half, checking up a 20-10 lead, but were nosed out of a victory by a
27-24 score.
When the disappointment of this defeat had blown over Delmar and Geneseo were
taken into camp by decisive trimmings.
Then came the day to avenge the defeat at the hands of Davenport. It was the
night of February 27th, before the largest crowd that had ever witnessed a local
basket ball game. From the very first blow of the whistle the Juniors simply wiped
the floor with their opponents, allowing them but two baskets and seven free throws.
The score of that memorable game was 36-11.
After this glorious victory the Juniors met a few small high schools and trimmed
them with ease. They closed the season by giving Cedar Rapids, the State Champions,
the toughest game they had played on their schedule.
The prospect of bettering this record next year is very bright, for Father Adrian,
the coach, will lose but two of his squad.