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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Junior Football
THE call for candidates soon after the reopening of school brought out many
hopefuls for the Junior football squad. Many of the old guard were missing. In fact Father Adrian, the coach, beheld a difficult task before him.
Nearly all those who reported were green. Captain Gannon, Norton,
Coughlin and Bouquot were the only veterans who returned.
After much diligent coaching and hard work a presentable team was put on the
field. In the beginning the team seemed to lack the punch characteristic of Junior
teams, and it was not until they had tasted defeat once or twice that they hit their
Some of the bright lights of former squads, banded together under the name of
Alumni, met the Juniors for their first struggle. Many defects in the new machine
were found and the coach set to work to try to remedy them for the coming struggle
with Cedar Rapids a week later. The Bunnies were exceptionally strong; in fact,
they made a fair bid for the championship of Iowa. It was no disgrace to be overwhelmed by such a team. On October 4th De Witt was met on the home lot and
defeated to the tune of 47-3. Geneseo and Mount Vernon also fell before the now
well-working machine.
One setback was received from West Branch. During the game the Juniors were
penalized a total of over 300 yards; also two legitimate touchdowns were made which
the officials would not permit. It might be well to mention that Mount Vernon beat
West Branch, 33-0, while the Juniors handily defeated the former, 19-0. Certainly
no such reverse of form could be shown.
Washington and Sigourney were two other conquerors of the team. The game with
the former was staged during a pouring rain. The field was one mass of water. The
light Junior team fought hard against the heavy machine of their opponents and lost
only because of a fluke. Previous to this season Washington was the only team that
had the distinction of beating a Junior squad.
The following Saturday Alexis was given a severe drubbing, 62-0. This score
speaks well for the worth of the team as the year previous Alexis had been barely
The record of the team for the year is commendable, for it won the majority of its
games and compiled a total score of over twice that of its opponents.
September 27
October 4
October 11
October 17
October 25
November 1
November 15
November 24
Cedar Rapids 25
De Witt 3
West Branch 13
Geneseo 0
Mount Vernon 0
Washington 6
Alexis 0
Sigourney 12
Juniors 0
Juniors 47
Juniors 0
Juniors 18
Juniors 19
Juniors 0
Juniors 62
Juniors 0