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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Varsity Baseball
THE resumption of baseball after a two-year lapse presented a particularly
difficult problem to St. Ambrose, for the school had a most competent coach
in the person of Mark Devlin, yet there was no veteran around whom a
team could be built. The basket ball season was scarcely over when the
coach issued a call for candidates; but because of the inclemency of the
weather practice was confined to the Gym for several weeks. When the sod became
firm Coach Devlin took his squad out on the field where all of the winter's kinks
could be worked out.
As things progressed it became evident that we had a hitting team, but several of
the infield positions were weak. The coach set to work to remedy these and after
much diligent work the rough places were made smooth, and the team was ready for
the finishing touches. The cunningness that so characterized Devlin as a member of
the squad in former days, he instilled into his proteges. So, fortified with all the
craftiness and science of the game the team was prepared for its opening struggle.
The schedule calls for a long list of games with some of the best Middle Western
Colleges and the showing so far has been creditable both to the team and the school.
April 9 - Lombard at Galesburg
April 10 - Knox at Galesburg
April 17 - Moline Three "I" at Davenport
April 21 - Moline Three "I" at Moline
April 24 - Lombard at Davenport
April 30 - Knox at Davenport
May 4 - Upper Iowa at Fayette
May 5 - Columbia at Dubuque
May 12 - Columbia at Davenport
May 13 - St. Bedes at Davenport
May 15 - Northwestern College at Davenport
May 21 - St. Viators at Davenport
May 25 - St. Bedes at Peru
May 26 - St. Viators at Bourbanais
May 28 - Coe at Davenport