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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


"The Man on the Box"
Presented by the Dramatic Club
College Auditorium, Monday, February 16, 1920
(The characters are named in the order of their appearance)
Martin, Clerk of the Third Precinct Court Leroy Burden
Detective Cassidy, of the Third Precinct Station John Burke
Detective O'Brien, of the Mounted Police John Cassidy
Mr. Charles Henderson, a newspaper man John O'Donnell
Magistrate Watts, of the Third Precinct Court Gilbert Watters
Lieut. Robert Worburton, lately resigned Charles Costello
Miss Betty Annesley Lourdes Gordon
Mrs. Edith Pennington Conway Joseph B. Code
Cora, the Annesleys' Maid John Lemberger
Monsieur Pierre, the Annesleys' Chef Bernard Hines
Col. George Annesley, a retired Army Officer Raymond Fitzpatrick
Count Casimir Karloff, a Russian Diplomat George Bouquot
Miss Nancy Worburton, Bob's Sister William Feeney
Col. Frank Raleigh, of the U. S. A Martin Sheehan
Act I. Judge Watts' private examination room in the Third Precinct.
Act II. The country home of Col. Annesley at Chevy Chase.
Act III. Same as Act II.
Time: Now. Place: Washington, D. C.