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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


"Some of our Ladies"
Vernon O'Neil, Tampico, Illinois, as —
Joan Carr in "Stop Thief"; Mrs. Alice Campbell in " The Witching Hour", and Jessica
in "The Merchant of Venice".
Joseph B. Code, Keokuk, Iowa, as —
"Mother" Carr in "Stop Thief"; Mrs. Net-
tleton in "A Pair of Sixes"; Mrs. Bennett in
"The Man of the Hour"; Mrs. Conway in
"The Man on the Box"; Mrs. Whipple in
"The Witching Hour", and Portia in "The
Merchant of Venice".
Lourdes Gordon, Davenport, Iowa, as —
Caroline Carr in "Stop Thief", and Betty
Annesley in "The Man on the Box".