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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


The Man of the Hour"
Presented by the Dramatic Club
November 28, 1919
Sheppard, Fitzpatrick, Stackhouse
Gorman, Sternberg, Collins, Watters, Costello, Code, O'Donnell, Gordon
In this famous play by George Broadhurst, the author has mixed love and politics in
an absorbing manner. Taking the theme of graft in municipal affairs, he has made
the work timely and has shown the old conflict between love and duty under new and
interesting conditions. "The Man of the Hour" is one of the strongest and most
pleasing plays of love, ambition, honor and politics, and it is charged with laugh-
producing possibilities.
This fact was realized when the Dramatic Club presented this play as the first production of the year. A cast, composed of stars favorite with College audiences on
previous occasions and augmented by skill on the part of the new members of the
society, made for itself an enviable reputation by the artistic staging of this political
The principal male parts were taken by Charles Costello, John O'Donnell, Francis
Curran, Raymond Fitzpatrick and Ralph Sternberg; while the female roles were successfully interpreted by Joseph B. Code, William Stackhouse and Edwin Sellers.
Others who appeared in the production were Eugene Gorman, John Sheppard, John
Collins and Gilbert Watters.