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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Farewell St. Ambrose
THE parting of the ways has come
and we, the Senior Academics of
1920, stand on the eve of departure, with a spirit of mingled joy
and fear, wondering where our
roads of destiny will lead us.
Fond memories of by-gone days gather
around us, but only serve to impress more
forcibly the realization that we are leaving
Alma Mater, perhaps, forever.
This event is the commencement of our
lives. There can be no turning back. Our
roads have been plotted and we must travel
them as best we can. We gaze upon the
records that others have made, and we are
resolved that we will not fail. Alma Mater, we know, will always hold a lively
interest in our deeds, and it is this knowledge that makes us lift our heads and smile
as we bid her a fond farewell.
Wm. J. Stackhouse.