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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Mr. Marron, he of the eastern state,
To whom we leave our commercial fate.
Is a man well known all over town,
Perhaps e'en wider his renown.
He pilots us thru our bookkeeping work,
With never a murmur and never a shirk.
He assists us with an easy grace.
Encourages us with smiling face.
When we are languid and very lazy,
And bookkeeping seems a study crazy.
He tells us with words very few
We must work if we will get thru.
In typewriting he guides our fingers,
And with the backward ones he lingers.
What he doesn't know about a machine
Are things small, trivial, and mean.
In commercial geography he tells where
The corn grows in the sunny air
Of Iowa, Illinois and other states
In a manner that never grates.
In commercial arithmetic he knows it all.
Rules and definitions from his lips do fall.
When he picks up the chalk
He makes the tricky figures talk.
In shorthand it is wonderful to see
How he handles the phonetics, ah me.
With the Graham art he is familiar.
Also the Isaac Pittman which is similar.
He has guided us over the rough way
For which I'm sure we'll thank him some day.
We hope he comes again next year.
Our junior successors to tutor and cheer.
Ed. Root, '17.
Beecher—"I like Fr. Cone in English
Dram, class. He brings home to you things
you never saw before."
Millet—"Yeh, so does the City Laundry."
Muggsy—"The first day of Easter vacation I walked down town with McGivern and
the slush was nearly a foot thick."
Rev. B. (dictating for Latin Exam.)—
"Slave, where are thy horses?"
Conscientious Acad. Junior (just awakening)—"In my pocket but I don't intend to
use them."
Dave—"I have a suit for every day in the
Tony—"You have?"
Dave—"Yes, this is it."
Mr. Marron—"What is 'three and three'?"
Mr. M.—"What is five 'n three?"
Mr. M.—"What is two 'n one?"
Prep.—"Shoe Polish."