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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


8—An Alumnus, Rev. Thos. Lawlor, celebrates his first mass this morning.
9—Those who slept over this morning retreated to the infirmary with various
ailments. Hurry call sent in for more
10—The scandal is out. We learned this
morning from good authority that
Tony and Dave were caught in Eddy's
room to-day. "Et tu Dave."
12—General permission on Fr. Lawlor today. The little cottage had the roof
burned off of it last night.
13—The pie was extra good to-day, and as
I write I recall that I got an extra.
14—Ambrosian clashed with W. & V. at
Aledo. Score 7-7.
18—Tuesday. The day on which nothing
20—The team played another even scored
game to-day. Upper Iowa, 6-6.
23—Jimmy Morrow presented the first table
with a roast chicken. 'Tis worthy of
24—Chicken last night and no Philosophy
class to-day. College life is not so bad
at all.
26—No free day as we expected, or rather,
hoped for. Otherwise all is well.
28—We defeat De Paul U. at Chicago. Socre
29—We started out the day with a calamity;
one of our High-Lifers was given his
passport. A very interesting lecture,
by Dr. Walsh, to-night, on the Degeneration of Man.
1—Holiday. No study. Permission to go
down town was given only to those
who had business there.
2—Big game. Ambrosians clash with
Dubuque. Score 6-13.
5—We went to the Burtis to-night to hear
Peter Collin's lecture.
6—Mr. Collins addressed the students in the
College Auditorium this morning. All
voters go home to vote.
7—Election Day. Great political discussions are being conducted in the
smoker these days.
10—A very warm day. Every one who could
think of an excuse went down town.
Two went who did not have "any excuse and they were given passports.
11—In Scripture class this morning Griffith
explained how "Joseph's brothers pulled off a pretty raw deal on him."
12—Exams, were announced to-day.
13—First snow of the season. More Exams.
16—Miller and Wolfe are hiding in ambush
behind the brush they are raising on
their chins.
17—We defeat Lenox. Score 19-13.
20—We do not clearly understand what Mr.
McGinnis means when he says: "There
is where the truth lies."
23—Lecture on music in the Auditorium tonight. 0, hear the African tom-toms.
27—New fireman arrives on the job. Nine
rahs for "Uncle Mike".
29—Lizzie Ford departs from our humble
abode. More educational films.
1—Only twenty more days. If you doubt
it ask anybody, they all have the time
figured down to a minute.
2—A mass of intelligence moved into Room
No. 207 Wisdom Row to-day.
4—Our newest arrivals report "that the
corn crop is good farther West."
7—St. Ambrose Day. A short programme
in the Auditorium featuring Morrow
and Bissen, during which most of us
8—Another holiday. Basket-ball begins.
10—The second table gang trims the third
table in a little of basket-ball.
12—Whooee! the movies were simply awful
this evening.
16—New gym is opened to-day.
18—Garrity and McGrath report that they
had a very pleasant time in the infirmary. Although they stored away
about $1.40 worth of culinary products
they said that they could not keep anything on their stomachs.
19—Heavy snow storm raging. Movies were
much better to-night.
20—A very nice little surprise, vacation begins to-day.
9—Back again. 'Nuff said.
11—Many changes in rooms. Ye Editor bids
farewell to Ireland.
12—Fish and Beans Day.
13—New gym store opened. The Infirmary
is full of gunwale.
14—The smoker looks like the Sahara
Desert, a string of "Camels" from one
door to the other.
17—This is the usual day to go to the Columbia. Every one is out of the Infirmary. Several stopped in at Doc.
Dempsey's to have their teeth filled
(with ham and.)
21—Grand opening of the pool. Tobin did
an exhibition dive; Muggsy to the
24—Hail! Dear exams. You are with us
once again.
25—Still at it. Weep not because thou hast
made mistakes to-day! Look thou out
for tomorrow!
26—An informal 500-party was rudely
broken up in room No. 207 by one of
our honorable faculty.
28—Nothing to do till tomorrow.
30—Country Boy Scouts in the Auditorium
to-night. Very good say we.
31—Juniors and Varsity teams have two
new scalps hanging on the ridge pole
of the home wigwam. Massacre of
Clinton High and Lenox.
1—Tony appears on crutches. We had to
splice a piece on to them before he
could use them.