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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Vox Populi
In order for the public to judge properly
the character of any student of our institution, a meeting was called by our famous
agitator, "Bull" Jaeger, to determine who
should be on this roll. If the result does not
please you, do not blame us. We were forced
to bow to the will of the majority.
Who is the best formed boy?
Ed O'Connor won this, although he was almost defeated by Wendeline Miller. Vote,
67-69. (Freddie Wheelan scored five votes,
but gave them to O'Connor).
Who thinks he is?
Brown won this unanimously, although
Bloom was also nominated.
Who is the worst knocker?
O'Malley won this after some votes for
Morrin were switched to him. It being generally felt that his constant acquaintance
with cheap theatres had developed a critical
faculty that could not be overlooked. Some
people voted twice to make sure that he
should get it. 555 votes were cast.
Who is the handsomest boy?
This contest almost broke up the meeting,
A fierce fight was put up by McGivern's
friends. The first ballot was a tie between
McGivern's friends and Johnnie Goof's, but
in the second ballot Phelan voted for McGiv-
ern because they are both from the same
parish. (Too bad for Venus Weisbrook!)
Who is the freshest Freshman?
This was a close run between Kinnavey and
Meersman, but Kinnavey won by two votes.
Who is the most unappreciated boy?
"Mugs" McGrath plucked this little tribute,
for we all knew how hard he had tried to
the college should be
had been thanked for
Everybody voted but
show the faculty how
run, and how little he
his untiring efforts.
Who had done the most for the school?
We felt that this honor should be equally
divided between Hurley and O'Malley, because they kept the commercial department
going so long.
Who thinks he has?
Bissen threatened to punch the nose off of
anyone who dared to vote for him and as no
one stood a chance no vote was cast.
Who is the toughest guy?
Leona Leonard made a great run for this,
but Morrow's former days have made too
great an impression on the occupants of
Wisdom Row and he carried the day.
Who is the worst gossiper?
This was a fierce struggle between "Mother"
Murphy and Pat McGinnis. McGinnis tried
to get the English vote, but Murphy beat
him, by nine votes. Molyneaux pulled the
entire minims' votes.
Who is the biggest grafter?
Perhaps no names should be mentioned but
in justice we must speak; Garrity won.
Wolfe made a heart-breaking plea, but every
one must expect to be stung in politics. The
judges refused to change the verdict.
Who is the faculty pet?
It looked as though Volz had a clear field,
but Flanagan entered at the last, and he
was the only one who had a relative on the
board, he won the day.
Who is the best dresser?
Buckley, the society fellow, won after an exciting contest in which it was claimed that
the ballot box was stuffed. John Collins
made a speech for himself, claiming that
his pompadour was cuter than Buck's and
that he ought to receive some consideration
for that, but Buck, in an impassioned speech,
exposed the double life that Collins was
leading and won the day.
Who is the heaviest smoker?
Many contestants—Rempe withdrew to save
his stand in with the Faculty. Molyneaux,
Kelly, Root, McCarville, Sweeney, and Waters instructed their clients to vote for Camel
Butterfield, and moonshine Fatima from
Washington won hands down!
Who is the biggest bluffer?
Hellwig ran neck and neck with Rohret until the fifth ballot, when Father Donahue
was asked to settle it. He broke all the
speed records that we have in getting to the
ballot box to cast his vote for Rohret.
Who is the most religious boy?
Pete Bissen made a run for this, but the fact
that he went to see the Blue Paradise leaked
out, and Frank Wheelan won.
Who thinks he is ?
Everyone instinctively thought of Bill
Hughes. There was no need to cast a vote.
What boy attends chapel the most?
This was very hard to settle, everyone feeling that the luckly one would have too great
a stand-in. "Susie" and Griff ran against
each other, but Tobin swung the vote for the
goose at the last moment, because Griff at
one time had let Tobe in on a feed.
Who is the worst grouch?
Morrow was nominated when our chief
grouch refused to accept the honor conferred
on him. Jim won by a landslide. Cone went
without dinner in order to vote for him first.
The Manning Club tried to save him from
this disgrace, but in vain, for the Equi Seds
downed him in the first ballot.
The Master of Discipline arose to say that
he thought Messrs. Rohret and Garrity took
the proverbial bacon for their line of new
second-hand excuses for going down town.
Let us explain here that when the M of D
admits anything there is something wrong,
a committee was appointed to investigate.
Evolution of Flivver.