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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


College Orchestra Personnel
Professor Wm. H. Paarmann Instructor
Father Meinberg Leader
Louis A. Rohret First Violin
Earl J. Marron First Violin
Walter Coryn First Violin
•Peter G. Supan Second Violin
Harry VanderVennett Second Violin
Francis O'Connor Second Violin
Frank Vermeulen Second Violin
Yvo Floerschinger Cornet
Father Meinberg Cornet
George F. Millett Trombone
James J. Morrin Piano
The College Choir
The year 1917 has been a very successful one for the Chapel Choir.
During that time several difficult masses were mastered and special attention was given to Lenten and May devotions. The choir being larger this
year than in previous ones made it possible to offer better music.
Loesche's mass in F was sung previous to Christmas, after which
Bonner's mass in b and mass in unison by Luigi Bottazo were rendered alternately.
Father Meinberg who has been the director of the choir since '15 had
charge of the work this year and his zeal and interest in his work have
been incentives for better work on the part of the choir.
We are sorry to loose Messrs. Harry Brown, Louis Barry and James
Morrin, graduates in the Commercial and College departments.
Father Meinberg Leader
Arthur J. Mallon Organist
Raymond J. McGrath—First Tenor.
James J. Morrin—First Tenor.
Edward J. Ryan—First Tenor.
Thomas L. Wolfe—Second Tenor.
Louis J. Barry—Second Tenor.
Father Meinberg—Second Tenor.
Louis A. Rohret—First Bass.
Harry E. Brown—First Bass.
Glyden F. McMeel—First Bass.
Francis Fitzgerald—Second Bass.
Gregory G. Mowry—Second Bass.
Edwin J. Root—Second Bass.