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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Paarmann has grown to be a part of the college and
his continued years of service and unquestioned ability have made for him many admirers and friends at
the college. During the past year Mr. Paarmann was
appointed to the leadership of the first violinists in
the Tri-City Symphony Orchestra, a position which
called for exceptional ability and experience and
which he very aptly filled.
The Piano Harmony and Composition department is under the supervision of Professor Erwin F.
Swindell of Davenport. Perhaps there is no musician
in the tri-cities who is generally more admired and a
greater favorite than Mr. Swindell. Altho only at
the beginning of his career, he has experienced remarkable success as an instructor, accompanist and
composer. He is in constant demand as an accompanist and his appearance
in public always brings forth enthusiastic applause. Besides being organist
at the Sacred Heart Cathedral of this city for the past several years, he has
composed a mass in F which was rendered for the first time March 20, 1917,
by a select choir.
The College Orchestra
HE ORCHESTRA has always been the most popular musical
organization in the school and the past year did net prove an
exception. On organizing in the fall, the absence of several
of our former able members was noticeable but happily we
were fortunate in securing new members who in a very short
time developed into capable performers.
Mr. Paarmann is in charge of the orchestra and under him it has
achieved no small degree of success, winning generous praise and encouraging comment at public performances. Special commendation was given
them for the manner in which they rendered, "VERY GOOD EDDIE", "IL
Graduation this year will deprive us of the services of Messrs. Earl
Marron, George Millett and James Morrin who have very ably carried the
respective parts of first violin, trombone and piano.