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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Music at the College
ITH the constant growth and
development of the college
the department of music
has steadily kept pace.
Every year sees a broadening of its activities with an
improvement in quality. This year the
Glee Club was reorganized by Father
Stahl who secured Professor L. B. Canterbury as instructor. This was indeed a
commendable effort on the part of Father
Stahl and the students availed themselves
of the extraordinary opportunity. Mr.
Canterbury is well known thruout the tri-
cities and his coming to the college was
the signal for a keener interest in things
musical. On completing his education in
Boston and New York musical conservato
ries Mr. Canterbury held the position of first
tenor soloist and chanter for seven years in
First Presbyterian Church of Boston which
speaks very highly of his rapid rise. Upon
coming to the tri-cities he affiliated with
Augustana College of Rock Island as a faculty member of the musical conservatory. St.
Ambrose is to be congratulated for having secured his services and we heartily wish that
he will remain to build up our vocal department.
Professor Wm. H. Paarmann who for the
past number of years has had charge of the
stringed instruments and orchestra continues
his work with marked success. Indeed Mr,