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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


But not too much credit can be given to Butterfield, the real first
string of the 1916 season. Cool, deliberate, with a tantalizing mixture of
curves, fast and slow balls, he was never hard hit and closed the season with
an average of over eleven strike-outs to the game to his credit. Nor must
the incomparable first baseman Nolan be forgotten, who saved many a
fielder from an error by his playing all over, under and around first base.
But the Juniors are always a team and not a group of individual stars,
and so every man on the team contributed his little share in every win,—
Ruhl at second, Goodall at short, Kelly, Quinn, Hand, Woeber and McAn-
drew in the outfield,—all of whom played enough games to win their Junior
But the 1917 team feels nothing undaunted by the record set them last
year. With Capt. Phelan receiving and McGivern twirling,—with that
speedy combination on the infield, Lew on first, Nhare on second, Hauer on
short, and Sweeney on third, and such hard-hitting, clean-fielding lads as
Woeber, Hand, Conway, Gimbel and Waters to draw from for the outfield,
they feel that the 1916 team had nothing on them, and that if they cannot
equal the wins of last year, it will be because they have met a better class
of teams.
Already they have set out to prove this, since they have not tasted defeat in the several games played this season and among them the Davenport Junior High team; and they feel that they have not yet reached the
stride they are capable of attaining.