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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Junior baseball

THE OPENING of the baseball season is always a time of suspense for the older Junior players, as it is at this time that
the Junior coach lops off from the top to make room for the
younger aspirants to Junior honors. Scarcely ever is there a
player over 16 years old on the squad and this year there are
several under this age. When it comes to baseball/the coach
thinks none too young or too small to make the team; all that is required is
strict training and some little ability. This accounts for the small, young
but snappy Junior infield this year.
The record set by the Juniors of 1916 was even higher than that of
the previous year. Under the leadership of that speed-demon on bases and
in left field, Capt. Vogel, this set of youngsters played team after team,—
every combination of players within the college outside the varsity team,
independent teams of twice their size from the city or from foreign parts,
until they had amassed a series of 12 straight victories. In their 13th
game they met their only defeat of the season, and this at the hands of
Kerrigan, a former Junior pitcher. From this on to the end of the season,
some 20 games in all, they continued their wins, taking into camp such
teams as that of the St. Patrick's High of Iowa City, the Palmer Chiros and
others of like calibre.
The find of the year was no doubt the battery that Father Enright sent
over in the person of McGivern and Phelan, the latter being easily the best
catcher ever seen on a Junior team, the former striking out an average of
ten men a game. Sweeney, the classy third baseman, held the batman's
record on the team, hitting around the 400 mark. These three are the only
ones of the 1916 regulars back on the team this year, and if they continue
their former record already so well begun, they will be the terror of all
opposing teams.