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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Junior Basketball
ALTHOUGH the Juniors were not as successful at basket-ball as
they were on the gridiron yet they managed to tuck away a
large portion of their games by heavy scores. Clinton, Wilton, Lost Nation, Lyons and Charlotte were among the fast
high school teams who faced the Juniors during the past season. Clinton had about the fastest quintet in the state, and
gave the little collegians a decisive beating but the other teams were either
swamped by heavy scores or wriggled out victors by a one or two point
For the opening game Wilton brought an experienced team to Davenport that had already played several games and that had defeated the Muscatine High quintet. The Wiltonites subsequently went through a defeat-
less season and lost the state championship only at the tournament but
never were they so hard pressed as by the raw Junior recruits, all of whom
were playing their first game. The first half ended with the score 10 to 10
and when the game reached its natural end the count was 19 up. The extra
five minutes play that followed brought the crowd to its feet, but in the
last 10 seconds of play Christianson, the Wilton captain, stood on his own
foul line and tossed the free try that won the game 25 to 24.
Lyons beat the Juniors in extra time by one basket, in their own
"cheese box gym," but when they came to Davenport they were literally
wiped off the earth. Lost Nation played well and went down fighting, while
Charlotte, a team of old veterans, kept the issue in doubt until the final
minute of play, but both were on the light end of scales at the finish.
Iowa City and Moline High school class teams gave the Juniors fast
contests, while a nondescript second team from Davenport High School put
up a rough and tumble contest. The Immaculate Conception High School
team from Cedar Rapids proved easy, and the midgets finished the game for
Father Adrian.
The Juniors must now be treated with more respect by the first class
high school teams of this vicinity since they gave Clinton as hard a battle
as any of the Tri-City prep schools did. Quite a number of high schools
suddenly decided it against their ethics to play colleges when they received
a challenge from the Juniors. Of course they all admitted the Juniors were
only an Academy team and that they were only half as big as themselves
and_but then they all believe in SAFETY FIRST. Capt. Hand was perhaps the most consistent player on the team as he could and did play at any
position. Conway by his speed and Nolan by his elusive wriggling, made a
pair of forwards hard to guard. Cranny at center outjumped every opponent he faced. Quinn, Glanz, and VanderVannett at guard made opposing
forwards think they were ubiquitous. But the real success of the Juniors
was no doubt due to their fast and almost perfect team work.