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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


WITH the building of the new gymnasium at St. Ambrose, undoubtedly track will receive much more attention and interest. The gymnasium contains a cork running floor, on which
indoor work can be carried on all during the winter months,
when the cinder path is covered with snow. Last year preparations were made for the entrance of a team into the Drake
relay, but due to poor weather conditions the men were unfit for the test.
Now, with the difficulty of training in cold weather removed, track work
will be no longer neglected; all enthusiasts of this healthful sport will have
chance to display their ability. Mr. Jones himself, a man of considerable
experience and reputation in this work, is anxious to enter a team into the
Drake relay this year; and a dual meet with Dubuque College would be most
welcome. Already this year various interclass events were held, and one
final meet took place between the collegiates and a combination of academic
and commercial students. Intense interest and rivalry were manifested
and the collegiates finally came out victors by a 4714 to 321/G count.
Devlin, Cullinan, McCarville, Healey, Mack, Cone, Coonan, Coughlin,
Hughes, Wallace, and Skelly, did some laudable work; but the most outstanding feature of the entire meet was the work of Griffith. The collegiates had
not prepared to enter a man into the high jump, but Griffith after running
the 30-yard hurdles, the 300-yard and 440-yard dashes, unexpectedly
entered the high jump and against such jumpers as Healey, Mack, and
Coughlin, came out victorious. The members of the first table headed by
Garrity claim the honor, for it is from them that Griffith has received his
jumping ability. To the winners of first place in each event a silver medal
was awarded; to the second place man was given bronze medal; and the
four men of the winning relay team received blue and white ribbon badges.
Mr. Barnholdt of the Davenport High School consented to act as official
starter, and everything proceeded in orderly fashion.