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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


they are well prepared either to return to the gridiron and attack the line
of their rivals or to join the Famous allied warriors and make immense
gains, charging the famous Von Hindenburg Battle line.
With this squad of athletes in the game, it is no wonder that such interesting and hard-fought contests were staged. Platteville Normal, De
Paul University and Lenox, were humiliated by their attack. The two tie
games played with Williams and Vashti and Upper Iowa University found
both teams fighting without a let up, till the final whistle. The games given
to St, Viators and Northwestern, were each lost by a single touchdown. The
spectacular game with Dubuque College was by no means a disgraceful defeat.
The Ambrosians were not outplayed in a single point in the game, but
were unable to make up for the long and numerous penalties, imposed by the
referee. A certain enthusiast, who carefully followed the work of the players during the year, picked out the men as they worked in certain games,
and declared they would form an all-star aggregation. He further went on
to boast that this ideal team, on an ideal day and on an ideal field, would
make the famous '15 Army crew feel like a bunch of inexperienced high
school rookies.
The following is the team and the games in which they starred:
Miller (Captain)—Fullback of the Dubuque game.
Devlin—Quarterback of the Williams and Vashti.
Ryan—Right halfback of the Upper Iowa game.
Fitzgerald—Left halfback of the St. Viator's game.
Malloy—Center of the Dubuque game.
Tobin—Right guard of the Lenox game.
DeMeulenaere—Left guard of the St. Viator's game.
Jaeger—Right tackle of the Dubuque game.
Mack-—Left tackle of the Platteville game.
Healey—Right end of the Northwestern game.
Troy—Left end of the Upper Iowa game.
Donahue—Left tackle of the Lenox game.
Quigley—Right halfback of the De Paul game.
Hughes—Right guard of the St. Viator's game.