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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


IN the fall of 1915, after a two years' rest from activity on
the gridiron, football was resumed at St. Ambrose. Mr.
George W. Jones, fresh from his experience, as coach at
various eastern colleges, made his initial appearance at
school, and prepared to gather up enough material for a
team. His task of developing an eleven was, indeed a
hard one, but perseverance had its reward, and a fair team was the result.
The next season, with the greater part of this team again out for work,
prospects assumed a much brighter appearance, and the fellows began to
have visions of a squad like the famous teams of 1910-1911-1912. The rudiments of the game, being well mastered by the men, the coach began to instruct them in the finer points of play. Forward and lateral passes and
end runs made them proficient in the open style of playing, while old fashioned line plunging was in turn made use of. George Miller, popular among
players and students alike, was the unanimous choice for captain. As a line
plunger George was unequalled, while as a defensive fullback, he was a
tower of strength to his fellows. It is our one great hope that George will
return in '17 to help bring the All-conference championship to the Ambro-
Devlin, fast, shifty and heady performed at quarter; he was an excellent field general, while his open field running and long punts were, to say
the least, extraordinary. He has already been selected as next year's captain, and a winning team is almost certainly assured. Ryan, Quigley, and
Fitzgerald at halves, because of their size and strength ploughed through
their opponents at will, and their speed made them equally valuable for end
runs. Molloy at center, Tobin, DeMeulenaere, or Hughes, at guards, Jaeger,
Donohue and Mack at tackles, and Healey and Troy, at ends formed a most
formidable defensive wall, and on the offense they made openings with
machine-like action. Flattery, Cullinan, Hogan, Coonan, Wagner, Buckley,
Sheehan, Louis Mack, Wallace, Brown, Kouba, Simons, L. Donahue, and
Barry rounded out the squad. With this year's training and experience,