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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Athletics at St. Ambrose
THE success of athletic endeavors during the past year, has been
more than satisfactory to all concerned. Whether on the
gridiron or on the diamond, on the track or in the gym, the
Ambrosians have ever been intent on the laurels at stake.
Certainly their efforts have well merited the prediction, that
in the near future, other colleges in the middle west will
strive in vain to attain to our athletic progress. To secure this position in
the various branches of sports, many factors have been at work. First and
foremost among the contributing elements, is our coach, Mr. G. W. Jones;
he has been untiring in his efforts to instill into his men his own stay-with-
'em spirit, and their work shows the true response to his endeavors.
To the athletic board, we are deeply indebted for the good strong
schedules secured in every branch of sports. We have always had a judicious mixture of home games and trips, and the trips were not such as to be
despised. Another stimulant to the men on the teams, was the loyal support
of the college students in general. The pep of the players never once began
to slack, but was kept constantly evident by the famous nine rahs, vociferously called for by our enthusiastic cheer-leader, Mr. Frank McGivern.
Finally and wholeheartedly, let us give thanks to the student sports-
writers, Tom L. Wolfe and Robert Feeney; their work in giving publicity
to the athletic events at St. Ambrose, has contributed much to our reputation among colleges in the vicinity. To the sporting editor of the Daily
Democrat, Mr. M. V. Gannon, Jr., a most loyal alumnus, is due the hearty
praise and good wishes of the students. His influence in giving prominent
notice to the advancement of his Alma Mater has been recognized, and we
feel sure that his rise in the editorial world will be rapid.
With all these factors present next year, and working with even greater
harmony, St. Ambrose should be in the running not only for Hawkeye conference honors, but also for the championship of the middle west.