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1917 Yearbook

1917 Yearbook


1917 Yearbook


Ambrose Athletic Director, received h i s
athletic experience at
Worcester Academy
and at Holy Cross college. At both these institutions, he
was a member of all the athletic
teams, and was captain of the baseball
team at Worcester Academy in 1907
and at Holy Cross in 1910. He graduated from Holy Cross in 1911 and
after playing professional baseball for
a season in the Connecticut league, entered St. John's Preparatory college,
Danvers, Mass., as Instructor and
Athletic Director. In the Fall of 1911,
his football team won the championship of New England, and was selected to represent the East at Chicago
against the Oak Park High team for the National Interscholastic championship. In 1914, Mr. Jones left St. John's to take charge of athletics at the
Worcester Poly technical Institute. He came to St. Ambrose in the Fall of
1915 and has been in charge of the teams and the athletic work in general
since that time.