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1963 Yearbook

1963 Yearbook


1963 Yearbook


Duane Olberts is a stress analyst in the John Deere Materials Engineering Laboratory. Duane received his
B.S. in mechanical engineering from the S. Dak. School of Mines and Technology and his M.S. from the
U. of Wis. Duane has been a Deere employee since 1959.
"What does the name John Deere mean to me?"
"It means a long and continuous record
of progress and growth. All of us work for pay, of
course. I guess that's an important part of any job. But it's better yet when you can work
for a company that has been in business for a long time and yet is young and progressive
in its ideas—a company that always seems to be a little ahead of all the rest. Finally,
it's a good feeling to work for a company that contributes so importantly to the
good life, and one that enjoys a good reputation all over the world. Maybe that's
the reason I get a proud feeling whenever I see John Deere Equipment on the job."
Moline, Illinois, U.S.A. • John Deere Argentina. Rosario, Argentina • John Deere Intercontinental Ltd., Sydney, Australia • Compagnie Francaise John Deere, Paris, France • John Deere-Lanz, Mannheim, Germany • Lanz Iberica, Madrid,
Spain • John Deere de Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico • John Deere-Bobaas, Nigel, Transvaal, South Africa


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