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1963 Yearbook

1963 Yearbook


1963 Yearbook


The intramural program at St.
Ambrose is designed to promote
physical fitness, a spirit of cooperation and friendly competition.
The teams are organized by the
students, and the activities are
carried out under student supervision. The program includes
competition in football, basketball, swimming, badminton,
wrestling and softball. These
sports provide activity and entertainment during each season of
the school year. The most popular sport among Ambrosians is
basketball which helps to brighten the cold winter days of inactivity. To provide further inspiration, trophies are given to the top
three winning teams.
The intramural sports supplement the scheduled physical education classes. The popular P. E.
classes include activities in the
fields of basketball, football, soft-
ball, swimming, tennis, golf,
bowling, track, wrestling, gymnastics. In addition, the classes
are integrated with a calisthentics
program designed to keep up
with the present emphasis on
physical fitness. Besides the
physical education classes and
the intramural program, the athletic facilities, such as the gymnasium with athletic equipment,
the tennis courts, and the swimming pool are available for use
at student leisure!
What's the game?
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