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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


a man trying to do good but in so
doing, finds evil a necessary part
of the plan.
"All The King's Men" ties the
past to the present through a series
of flashbacks and a running commentary by the character of Jack
Burden, played by veteran Theatre III Player, Jim Thomas.
Lighting and staging proved
very effective as experience in both
departments showed itself.
New talent, however, did not take
away from the veterans as all of
the veterans were in fine shape for
this opener.
The play, "All The King's Men",
was accepted as a play to raise a
question in the minds of the viewers.
Audiences did not question the
Players, however, as evidence was
there that this was going to be another fine season for all connected
with the Company of Players.
The tradition established by the group was to continue.
Long jerkins, a mixture of witty slapstick humor, with thee's and thou's everywhere brought the Shakespearian stage back to life on the campus and in the Quint- (Continued on the next page)
Theatre III Opens the Season
Willie Stark attempts to stir at least a spark of emotion in anyone who might be interested in making Willie the next governor of the
state. Jack Burden (left), the man who ties the past to the present looks on as a spectator. Willie Stark laughs at the ignorance of the common man as the surroundings of the bar brings about "an uninteresting conversation."


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