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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


High Enthusiasm
of the more popular ones on the
intramural scene. This year 200
men took part in the program.
Teams were divided in this sport
also into four leagues. A new
team appeared this season to take
the championship. The Bums, highly regarded Sophomore team, used
their height in downing the Globes,
last year's volleyball champions. The
Huns and the Caravans also showed
their strength in this year's competition.
Interest is not low, but participation is on a lesser scale in this intramural sport. John Wallin and
John Underwood showed their ability to work as a team, as they won
the doubles championship. Steve
Drish took the title in the singles
The 12-inch intramural softball
tournament proved to be very exciting. The Playboys used "come-
from-behind" tactics to defeat the
Nads in semi-final play. The Victors
were stopped by the Shamrocks, 8-7.
In the finals, the Playboys came out
on top by defeating the Shamrocks,
This "Spike" is a sure score during intramural action.
Marks Program
The field day, sponsored by the
athletic department, is an annual
event occurring towards the end of
the school year. It consists of various track and field events. The
most valuable man of the field day
is selected by the coaching staff, and
this title was given to Tim Dwyer
this past Spring.
The St. Ambrose College Intramural Program has been successful
for several reasons. There has been
overwhelming enthusiasm and participation on the part of the students, and one should not forget to
thank Mr. Kilfoy and his staff for
their excellent organization and administration of the intramural and
physical education programs.
Intramural badminton champions, John
Wallin and John Underwood, posed before
the finals.


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