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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


WRESTLING Growing Rapidly In Popularity
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each league are: in the Monday
night league, the Mofus and the
Dukes; in the Tuesday night
league, the Vandals, last year's
runner-ups, and the Playboys; in the
Wednesday night league, the champion Huns, and the powerful new
freshmen team, the Bitoas; and in
the Thursday night league, the
Chinks and the Sphinxs.
Although wrestling is not on the
varsity level at St. Ambrose, it is
coming along well as an added
intramural sport, and with the proper backing, it may reach the intercollegiate level. The matches this
year pitted the on-campus students
against the off-campus students.
One of the most exciting matches
was in the 167 pound class. Jim
Hathaway, on-campus, scored a decision over Jack Schroeder, off-
campus, in the last few seconds of
the match. In the only pin of the
evening, Jim Plambeck, off-campus,
muscled his way over Tim Hayes,
on-campus, in 2:31. The last match
of the evening was the "battle of
the giants"; Steve Miclot decisioned
Don Sier, 8-3. The final tally for
the evening showed the on-campus
students winning over the off-
campus students, 23-8. This year's
crowd was noticeably more enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the sport.
This sport is also becoming one
P.E. 101 emphasizes physical fitness. The thorough fitness program gives the students
greater assurance of freedom from injury in the intramural program.
This Thursday night action shows a "Trojan" breaking loose to drop in an easy lay-up. Soaring high for two!


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