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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


HUNS Football Champs For Second Year In a Row in the playoffs. The top eight teams in the leagues this year were the Huns, the Ramblers, the Pygmies, the Vandals, the Caravans, the Globes, the Beatles, and the Nads. The always powerful Huns again dominated the sport, for the third straight year. The Huns beat the Cinderella team, the Ramblers, for the Championship, played Homecoming weekend. Eight men were chosen this year for the All-Star team they were Tom Dwyer, Bill Demeling, John Langan, Tim Finigan, Joe Cervantes, Bob Boyd, Al Szafranski, and Frank Valainis. BASKETBALL Intramural basketball season began after the Christmas Holidays, with forty teams and approximately 400 men being represented. The teams were broken down evenly into four leagues. Competition will last until March, when the first three teams in each league will meet in the play-offs. Out of thirty-six teams last year, the Huns came out on top by beating the Vandals. The Huns can expect stiff competition this year in their fight to retain the championship, from strong underclassmen teams. As of the time of this writing, with intramural season only half over, the top powers in (Continued on next page) The Intramural program is set up to complement St. Ambrose's thorough P.E. program. Here a sophomore class goes through tumbling drills. Intramural roundballers come up with many outstanding plays, like this blocked shot from the Tuesday league. Physical education 102 consists of twice a week swimming lessons for beginners, plus exercises for the more advanced. Intramural players lack finesse of the varsity but have the fighting spirit. ATHLETICS 165


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