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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Fulfills Student Needs
The intramural program of St.
Ambrose College is designed to fulfill many of the needs of the student body. Promoting physical fitness is one of the primary aims.
Along with this is naturally the attempt to promote a spirit of cooperation and friendly competition.
The teams are purposely student
centered in several ways. Organization is left entirely to the students, and the activities are carried
out under student supervision only.
The program is geared to include
many sports, thereby providing an
area for each student's specialty.
Included in the program is football,
basketball, softball, wrestling, volleyball, and badminton. These sports
provide activity during each season
of the school year.
The intramural sports program is
not, however, the only physical
schedule set up for the advantage of
the students. It joins with the scheduled physical education classes in
providing physical activity at St. Ambrose. This program of classes includes activities in basketball, football, softball, swimming, tennis,
golf, bowling, track, wrestling, and
gymnastics. So as not to ignore
calisthentics, they are interwoven
into the classes to keep in accord
with the present emphasis on physical fitness. Besides the above mentioned activities provided by the
school, that is, the regular physical
education classes and the intramural
program, there are also athletic
facilities provided for student use.
The gymnasium and athletic equipment are available to students in
the evening and on the week-ends.
The tennis courts can be used at
any time, in season, that is, and the
swimming pool is available for use
daily at the students' leisure.
In 1960, due to financial difficulties, St. Ambrose College was
forced to give up a "big time" football team. This naturally caused a
decline in the school spirit. To make
up for this lack, the college now
offers a tough intramural football program. This year the intramural football was made up of
twenty - five teams, divided into
four leagues. This entitled 250 men
to participate in the intramural
sport. The top two teams in each of
the leagues are entitled to take part
Hun's quarterback, Barney Szafranski, far
right, lets go with one of his patented
"bombs" for a twenty yard touchdown
Jack Thomas with blocker Fred Neimeyer in front "turns the corner" and heads upfield on an end-sweep for the Ramblers in the championship game. Hun's quarterback, Barney Szafranski, far right, lets go with one of his patented "bombs" for a twenty yard touchdown pass.


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