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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


The Ambrosian News, student
newspaper, rededicated itself to a
twofold but inter-related concept of
service: to the student body and to
the staff members. By complete, well
delivered news stories, feature articles and editorial columns, the Ambrosian News informed and entertained the student community. But,
in addition, the sparse but talented
News crew was educated in practical journalism and personal commitment.
The editorial policy this year was
focused on a broadening program intended to draw the student to every
facet of his maturing mind, and to
instill the will to keep searching
even after the degree has been
earned. The policy was also bi-
purposed, aimed at molding new
thoughts and echoing significant student view.
For the fourth year in a row, the
Ambrosian News was submitted for
judging to the critical rating service
of the Associated Collegiate Press,
a college and university newspaper
service sponsored by the school of
journalism at the University of Minnesota. Last year under the tutelage
of Mr. Ken Wolf, the News received
an Ail-American rating, the highest
offered by the association.
This year the Ambrosian News
moved to new quarters in the basement of Christ the King Chapel.
Functioning from there in editorial
DAN McGUINESS, editor for 1964-65, after serving as news editor last year stepped
in to continue the All-American tradition
established by the News. McGuiness's
belief in the field of "creative journalism"
opened up many new avenues of thoughts
to the students in the past year.
Editor-in-chief Dan McGuiness
News Editor Tom Murphy
Reporters — Pat Gregan, Leo
Dailey, Marty Ohsann, George
Steckel, Larry Williams, John Blasucci
Feature Editor Ken Wolf
Columnists Greg Cusack, Dan
McGuiness, Ken Wolf
Sports Editor Vince Neu
Reporters — Tim Finnigan, John
Langan, Jack Santore
Business Manager Van Schwartz
Artist Merwin Hart
Photographer John Demme
Exchange Editor Dave Ermie
Marycrest Correspondents Ilona
Kuehnhackl, Deanna Morris
Faculty Advisor Dr. J. Westburg
capacities were: Dan McGuiness,
editor-in-chief, Ken Wolf, feature editor, Tom Murphy, news editor,
Vince Neu, sports editor, and Dave
Ermie, exchange editor. Greg Cusack
was columnist in residence.
The business manager for the
1964-65 Ambrosian News was Van
Schwartz. John Demme was the
photographer and Merwin Hart was
the artist.
Reporters included Marty Ohsann,
Pat Gregan, Mike Ceurvorst, John
Langan, Jack Santore, and Marycrest
correspondents, Ilona Kuehnhackl
and Deanna Morris. Jim Dowling
was the student council reporter.
This year also saw a new advisor
capably guiding the News staff. Doctor John Westburg joined the Ambrose faculty last year and this year
joined the paper.
Perhaps the purpose of the year's
Ambrosian News can best be summarized in the phrase it coined in
regards to the new administration
of St. Ambrose — "perfecting the
establishment." 138 ACTIVITIES


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