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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


Accent on Community and College
technical decisions to make: amount
of color to be used, what weight of
paper, cover design, three column
format, etc. ad infinitem.
The summer's months brought a
vacation to most of the staff. But
Mert Hart, art editor, applied his
talents to the end sheets and the
water color which is in the front of
this book.
Fall's arrival signaled the beginning of the most hectic part of the
year for the Oaks: an advertising
editor, Dick Aubrey, had to be selected; class editors had to be acquired — Gerry Baur, senior editor,
John Picco, junior editor, Len Cock-
man, sophomore editor, and Peter
Pirrera, freshman editor; ID pictures
and subscriptions had to be taken;
the special section editors had to be
appointed — Tom Schafer, fine arts,
and Tom Clancy, athletics; and finally, the abstract ideas that had
been "kicked around" in the Spring
had to be given some concrete form
and order.
The three main editors and Miss
Renner attended the 40th annual
convention of the Associated Collegiate Press in Chicago the weekend of
October 22-24.
The return from Chicago called
for a frontal assualt on the first
deadline. Chuck Pirrera's writing,
John Picco's advice, and Pete Pirrera's heckling were portions of the
cooperative effort which carried the
Oaks through the first and each of
the four succeeding deadlines. It
was a matter of each member of the
staff accepting and accomplishing
his own appointed task.
As one can imagine, this is but a
brief and flattering summary of the
1965 Oak's pre-natal period. From
conception to birth, the book was
nursed and cared for by more
"mothers" than we could possibly
mention. It met its share of troubles
and successes, but the fact remains
that a yearbook is a yearbook is a
yearbook. And the 1965 Oaks is your
The 1965 Oaks marks the fifth volume that
MISS AGNES RENNER, staff adviser,
has contributed her talent, knowledge and
motivation to. Miss Renner has raised
the Oaks, in five years, from an unrated
to "1st class" as certified by the Associated Collegiate Press in the fall of
JOHN PICCO, Junior class editor, PETER PIRRERA, Freshman class editor, THOMAS SCHAFER, Music and Drama editor. LEONARD
COCKMAN, Sophomore class editor, GERAD BAUR, Senior class editor, THOMAS CLANCY, Athletic editor.


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