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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


OAKS - Volume 31
A yearbook is a yearbook is a yearbook, and by any other name it remains just that, a year book.
It attempts to place the year before its readers. And, mirabile dictu,
it takes just about a year to do it.
The 1965 Oaks was conceived last
April in the office of Miss Agnes
Renner when she announced the appointment of Don Miller as editor,
Chuck Pirrera as literary editor, and
Mert Hart as art editor.
From then till school's closing in
June was a time of planning. A
theme for the book was the first
major consideration.
The editors along with Miss Renner selected "St. Ambrose in the
Community" for their unifying principle. Then there were the usual
Editor DON MILLER directed the consistent schedule of copy production and
photographs to produce this 1965 OAKS.
Don Miller
Chuck Pirrera
Literary Editor
Mert Hart
Art Editor
Dick Aubry
Advertising Manager
Gerry Bauer
Senior Editor
John Picco
Junior Editor
Len Cockman
Sophomore Editor
Peter Pirrera
Freshman Editor
Tom Schafer
Fine Arts Editor
Tom Clancy
Athletic Editor
Miss Agnes Renner Advisor
Advertising manager RICHARD AUBRY
used his knowledge of sales to subsidize
the books. CHARLES PIRRERA, copy
editor, constantly engaged in research to
give copy pertinent facts. The talents of
MERWIN HART, art editor, were given
to produce pleasing end sheets, frontispiece and division pages.


Smith Crafted Cover