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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


YOUNG DEMOCRATS Support Local Party Work
Aware of the purposes of the
Young Democrats, to further the
ideals of the Democratic Party and
to support local party members in
their campaigns, members respond to
the call through active participation
in all Club functions.
Campaign activities included pre-
cint work, phoning, typing, and decorating for rallies. The Y.D.'s joined
with the Y.R.'s in a torch light parade to a Scott County Republican
Rally. After the November elections
they gathered for a huge victory
Interest continues to grow, so
again this year the Democrats
boasted the largest membership
among the campus organizations.
Ambrosians watch for the "air drop"
of election leaflets by John Hoelscher.
Comment of Steve Conte: "Near hit! None
of the leaflets made the campus, but I'll
bet a lot of them drifted down on Interstate 80."
First Row: Stan Reinhold, James Juzwik, Bill Graf, David Borgmeyer, Steve Ginie, Dave Herrmann, John Schaffner, Frank Sebesta,
Tom Drew. Second Row: Ron Sheridan, Mike Lannon, Roy Kempa, Joe Stillo, Darold Johnson, Mike Byrnes, James Klutnick, Jim Hamilton,
John Ihle, Louis Maes. Third Row: Peter Brust, Richard Benjamin, Kenneth Hassing, James Williams, Tom McNicholas, Bill Shea, Tom
Drew, Jim Conway, Tom Lawler. Fourth Row: Steve Conte, Pat Boyle, Tom O'Neill, John Kennedy.


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