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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


YOUNG REPUBLICANS Build Political Awareness
In the belief that political awareness is requisite to a liberal education, the Young Republicans have
ranged through a wide spectrum of
fulfilling activities.
In this most active year club membership increased more than 100%
with 131 active members, complemented by moral, organizational and
financial support from honorary
A greatly expanded monthly newsletter was distributed to the 1000 students at St. Ambrose as well as to
our honorary members, while discussion groups explored and studied
recent publications of nationally
prominent Republications.
During the campaign, national
and state candidates spoke to record numbers of interested students.
Other campaign activities included
pre-election canvassing, polling, precinct work, phoning, typing and decorating for rallies.
Our "Downtown Davenport" campaign, torch-light parade, and Homecoming Elephant float earned us
community recognition and respect.
YR'S launch honorary member drive. President Schwartz and Moderator John Norton
exchange member card for Davenport Alderman Herrington's contribution.
Front Row: Jim Juzwik, Leo Flynn, Fred Norton (Corresponding Secretary), Jerry Lawson (Vice-President), Bill Culm (Treasurer), John
Caluwaert (Recording Secretary), Van Schwartz (President), George Burnett, John Pelkey. Second Row: Frank Iamele, Richard Yates,
Thomas Halfpenny, James Butler, Richard Karr, Jerry Heidenblut, Richard Heiting, Tim Dolan, Paul Mineart. Third Row: Jim Braxmeier,
Lawrence Kamin, Bob Clarke, Gene Humpal, John DeLay, Terry Hansen, Tom Leeds, Tom Hawkins, Tom Bales, George Sullivan.


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