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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


LITERARY WORKSHOP Concentrates on Contemporary
Discuss - Criticize
The Literary Worshop, essentially
a discussion group, is a new organization on campus. Its main objective for the year dealt with literature in the later contemporary
Membership into the organization is open to all students interested in developing an awareness
of good literature and cultural taste
in language through group discussion, criticism of works by known
authors, and the presentation of
original papers and criticism of
Among the first meetings was a
group discussion on the works of
William Golding.
Front Row: Neal Ryan, Edward McManus, Thomas Neff, John Blassuci, Tim Finnigan.
Second Row: Jack Vlazny, Vic Riehl, Barry Swalla, Bill Szramek, Bernie Miraligia.
DEBATE CLUB . . . Participates in Tournaments
Sponsors HS. Meet
Resolved: that the Federal Government should establish a national
program of public work for the unemployed.
This question occupied the members of the St. Ambrose College debate club since early October.
The group has participated in
tournaments at Bradley, Iowa State
University, State University of Iowa,
and Western Illinois University. The
club members debated both in the
tradtional style and also cross examination style.
Officers of the club also assisted
Mr. Leslie Shaeffer, moderator, with
the first annual St. Ambrose College
Invitational High School Debate
Front Row: Bob Gallighan, Vice-President, Mr. Schaefer, Moderator, Tom O'Brien, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Don Miller, President, Bill O'Connor, Paul Freund.


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