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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


The primary objective of the
Monogram Club is to promote
school spirit. Any Ambrosian who
has won a letter in a major sport is
eligible for membership in the organization. Membership is also open
to any student who is voted in by
the letter winners. In the spring all
new members must undergo a
vigorous initiation. A dance and the
annual Faculty Basketball Game are
sponsored by it.
Front row: Jerry Keefe, Jerry Jordan, Joe Cervantes, Bill Maloney, President, Bill Fulton,
Vice-President. Second Row: Pat Collins, Wayne Robertson, Tony McAndrews, sgt., Pat
Murry. Third Row: Pete Shovlain, Vince Neu, Mike Klestinski, John Carroll. Fourth Row:
Joe Krippel, Sec.-Treas., Steve Miclot.
BIG BROTHERS . . . Give Help to St. Vincent's Home
The Big Brother Club was organized in the latter part of the winter
of 1961 by a few members of the
Chicago Club who visited St. Vincent's Home in order to entertain
the children there and to give the
boys someone to look to in times
of need. Any Ambrosian may join
this club. The purpose is still
to render service to the children
of St. Vincent's and now to any
other needy group, upon request and
subject to availability of members.
The members visit the Home two
days a week for two hours a time.
The Club held a Halloween Party
for the children on October 31,
which was attended by almost a
hundred people (children and nuns
of St. Vincent's, the Big Brothers
Club and some girls from Mary-
crest). In the spring, the Club had
a picnic for the children, nuns, and
Front Row: Bob Shortal, Jim Striegel, Don Toohill, Sec, John Ihle, Pres., John Jarazynka,
Tony Bliss, Frank Iamele. Back Row: Mike Vanyl, Paul Mineart, Don Neirinckx, Rick Muck,
Jack Figge, John Lyman, Ken Hassing, Rich Benjamin, Mike Brekel.


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