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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


Co-recreational Program Offered in 1964-65
Front Row: Walt Jones, John Langan, Bud Stier, Tony McAndrews, Bob Hoppenstadt.
Back Row: Andy Kunka, Bob Joyce, Don Sier, Tom Hawkins, Pat Russell.
Physical Education
Physical Education Club membership is open to all students who
desire to promote physical fitness
among themselves and to obtain
an appreciation for athletic
activity. The club is the newest on
campus receiving its charter from
the Student Council in the fall
semester. They sponsor a free co-
recreational activity day in the gym
for Ambrosians and the Cresters.
MATH CLUB Offers A Tutorial Service To Freshmen
Under the guidance of Rev.
Joseph Hratz, chairman of the
Mathematics department, the Math
Club was established to supplement
the mathematics courses of the
majors and minors in this field, as
well as to introduce them to new
mathematical ideas and possible
future profession. Although membership in the organization is not
restricted, it is primarily made up
of students majoring or minoring in
mathematics. During the past year,
the club sponsored "help sessions,"
which were utilized by students having any difficulties.
Charles Ognar, Bob Baird, Gary Blunck, Jerry Vogel, Bob Long, Steve Miclot.


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