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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


FRANK SEBESTA, Vice-president
JOHN HEALY, Secretary-treasurer
DAVE SHEA, President
Class of 1968
"There is nothing but beanies in
We, 400 freshmen, the largest
class of "Bees" Saint Ambrose has
ever seen, arrived by car, bus, plane
and train on Sept. 20th. We came
from the North, Northeast, East and
West, and a majority of us coming
from the Mid-west.
As we arrived on campus we were
greeted at a reception table by the
N.F.C.C.S. and the Student Council.
Here we freshmen received our room
assignments and the traditional
The beanie, along with senior
walks, big brothers and "kangaroo
court," were all part of our initiation, which lasted until Homecoming
in November.
We attended a mixer held in our
gym, and became acquainted with
the girls from Marycrest. The day
after the mixer we made our tracks
to the "Crest" in order to renew our
acquaintances of the past evening.
As we well remember, those first
few days were not all mixers. Remember all those meetings on our
first week here? We attended a
meeting at Lewis Hall where Fr.
Schmitz explained the rules of the
school to us, and another one where
John (Continued on page 108)
JIM BUTLER, On-campus Representative; DON SIER, Representative at large; JOE RYAN,
Off-campus Representative.
The first election that we freshmen participated in was held in December in the Student Union. At
this the on-campus students elected
Jim Butler as their representative,
while Joe Ryan was chosen to represent the off-campus students. Don
Sier was elected as our representative at large.
The main purpose of the representatives is to voice the opinion and
make known any grievances of their
class at the weekly student council
meetings. In turn, they are to make
known to the class the outcome of
the council meetings. In addition,
they serve on special committees set
up by the council.


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