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1965 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook


1965 Yearbook


Thomas M. Yochum
Ottumwa, Iowa
Gerald Zavitz
St. Charles, Ill.
Richard J. Ziemba
Chicago, Ill.
Robert M. Zippay
Silvis, Ill.
Stanley M. Zelnio
Moline, Ill.
That skyward look! Last spring the election of officers brought an airplane to the Ambrose
air space, dropping leaflets for some of the candidates. The Sophomores were naturally in on
it, and for Bob Boyd, our class president, it worked!
Class of 1967 Looks Toward Future Success
Neal A. Zremski
James P. Fenton
Joilet, Ill.
James E. Flowers
Sterling, Ill.
Todd W. Herbst
Rock Island, Ill.
Jon W. Meier
Bettendorf, Iowa
Robert C. Smith
Davenport, Iowa
Warren G. Smith
Moline, Ill.
Raymond Steimle
Peoria, Ill.
Edward P. Stolley
Davenport, Iowa
John Allen Stoker
Davenport, Iowa
William J. Zaug
Chicago, Ill.
Vernon Zimmerman
Lenore, Iowa
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Intramural basketball saw some
real action on our court. As usual
the Sophomores were amongst the
The Sophomore Tests were not
held this year—too bad we will never
be Sophomores again.
With these varied activities our
class was never without the wonderful experiences that make your college years so very unforgettable.
Easter rounded out April and May
was on its way. Spring brought the
usual onrush of Marycrest sweethearts, it was a beautiful spring! And
as final exams ended, with a sigh of
relief, the class of 1967 prepared to
travel home. Home to the Sophomores meant Maine, New York, New
Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, The
District of Columbia, Missouri,
Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Hong Kong and
of course Iowa and Illinois!
As we approached our Junior
year, we felt the changing complect-
ion our class — a wonderful class
and a wonderful year!


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