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when there were so many more triumphs.
A 20-3 record calls for no apologies.
Bob Cannady and Co-Captain Bob
Smiley, by reason of their scoring feats,
have been most prominently mentioned
this far. However, this by no means detracts from the contribution of the others.
Take, for instance, Jim Fay. "Jumper"
led the team in the important rebounding
department for the third straight year.
Still he found time to average an excellent 17.4 points per game. It might be
said that "as Fay went, so went the Bees,"
since his best nights often found the team
also at its peak; but if for some reason he
was below his usual efficiency, it was immediately noticeable throughout the whole
team. Fortunately, the latter occasions
were rare.
Co-Captain Bob Murphy was one of
those steady men that every good team
must have. Rarely spectacular, Bob just
had that knack of being in the right place
at the right time, under the boards or on
Bill Dart is another who gladly let the
scoring glory go to others, and contented
himself with brilliant team play. Considered by some to be the most valuable man
on the team, Dart's ball handling and
leadership were strictly "big league." Bill
could score when the occasion arose, as
he more than adequately demonstrated
by making 35 out of his last 38 free throw
Jim Wolf and Willie Malatestinic were
practically regulars, though in reserve
roles. Game after game they supplied that
all important ingredient, depth. They each
had their moments, too. For instance, Willie made nine shots in ten tries in two
road tests with Dubuque and rugged Loras.
And Wolf's play was easily a deciding
factor in the Morningside scramble. Without Jim the Kansas City trip might never
have come about for St. A_mbrose.
Final statistics show the team's national standings (in addition to the previously mentioned sixth in offense) were
as follows: 11th place in margin of victory (13.8), 11th spot in field goal accuracy (41.7%). Individually, Bob Cannady scored 507 points for a 22.4 average,
and finished 9th in the country in field
goal percentage with 51.7%. Bob Smiley
scored 438 points for a 19-point average.
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