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1949 Yearbook

1949 Yearbook


1949 Yearbook


Education Club
First Row: R. Balzar, R. Schatteman, F. Dunn, J. Sherwin
Second Row: T. Chauteau, J. Cassidy, W. Luber, J. Cherry, T. Grady
Leslie Schaefer ------ President
Francis Dunne ------ Vice President
Richard Schatteman ----- Sec.-Treasurer
Thomas Gartland ------- Moderator
The Education Club of St. Ambrose College,
is another of the newly formed organizations
on the campus this year. It is now affiliated
with the State Future Teachers Association and
is a chapter of the Southeast Region of that
Members have chosen as their objective in
uniting: to aid prospective teachers in their
chosen profession through practical advice in
teaching methods by holding regular discussions under the guidance of the Education department, and by securing prominent men in
the field of Education to speak on the campus.
Social life makes up a great part of the Club's
activities, and the climax of these events is
the Spring banquet for the members of the
In the Fall of 1949, the Education Club will
be hosts at a conference of all the chapters
in the Southeast Iowa Region of the Future
Teachers Association. This is one of two conferences that are held twice yearly on
campuses of the Region.


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