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1949 Yearbook

1949 Yearbook


1949 Yearbook


Southeast-Iowa Club
1st row, W. Wiebler, W. Spring, R. Boyle, D. Hayes, T. Loving, L. Schafer
2nd row, L. Conrad, B. Fichtenkort, J. Wiebler, W. Stone, E. Mitch, H. Poepal, R. Freitag,
D. McManus
3rd row, A. Witte, G. Sallen, H. Hoenig, J. Lwetkenans, D. Thomas, B. Sanders, T. Harold,
B. Martin
Tom Loring ------ President
Bill Sanders ------ Vice-President
Don Sloat ------- Secretary-Treasurer
Rev. Ralph Thompson - Faculty Advisor
A group of students from the southeastern
part of Iowa banded together in January and
formed an active campus club with the only
qualification for membership being that the
student come from that area.
The organization was quickly recognized on
the St. Ambrose campus, and its membership
rose to over 50 students. Fostering of school
pride in intellectual pursuits, the cultivation of
academic comradeship among its members,
and the promotion of good fellowship at St.
Ambrose were selected as the club's main
purposes as an active campus organization.


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