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1949 Yearbook

1949 Yearbook


1949 Yearbook


Central-Illinois Club
1st row, D. Breen, F. Johnson, J. Murray, D. Terando, J. Kelly, D. Morris, K. Lawlis
2nd row, R. Veronda, J. Klise, J. Folk, J. Lucas, G. Waters, L. Morrissey
3rd row, J. Carey, B. Bishop, T. Purcell, H. Goossens, G. Errion, J. Errion, J. Moonev,
G. Fuller
4th row, D. Brady, D. Velde, J. McGinn, T. McGinn, R. Legner, J. Donnelly
John Ringness ----- President
Bill Blough ------ Vice President
Jim Ryan ------ Secretary
Gus Errion ------- Treasurer
The Central Illinois club is one of the newest
student organizations on the St. Ambrose
campus. It began to function early last Fall,
and since that time has become progressively
more successful in each of its activities.
Students from the central part of the state
of Illinois form the membership in this club,
but by means of petition, any boarder student
at St. Ambrose who lives in Illinois outside of
the Chicago or Tri-City area may become a
The club is governed by an executive council
composed of the officers and committee chairmen, and a five page constitution serves as a
basis for proceedings. The aims of this organization are: Promoting interest among prospective students in Illinois to encourage them to
enter St. Ambrose College, and to promote and
actively participate in student campus activities.
Because of the success of their Christmas
holiday dance held in Peoria, the club plans
to make this an annual event for students and
alumni of St. Ambrose.


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