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1949 Yearbook

1949 Yearbook


1949 Yearbook


Chicago Club
1st row, D. Mahoney, J. Burris, E. Fallon, D. Rauzi, M. Foley, T. O'Connell, B. Opelka,
E. Musick, D. Curtair
2nd row, D. Forbes, W. Sherwin, B. Tagler, M. Keigher, J. Hister, T. Kienzle, J. Jana,
E. Zojdel, J. Cegreudo
3rd row, H. Miskowicz, J. Lanzillotti, M. Sheck, J. Sheridan, J. Piegore, S. Patuno, R.
Langan, S. Rymsza
4th row, L. Diskovich, B. Gilhooly, J. Dwyer Jr., G. Hughes, B. Russo, L. Kruszka, J.
Scherer, A. Michalik, B. Robson, P. Sheehan, L. Kilfoy, L. Deutsch.
John Coffou ------- President
Rocco Carbone --------- Vice President
Manning Keigher - Secretary-Treasurer
Rev. John McAuliffe -------- Moderator
The Chicago Club of St. Ambrose college
was first formed during the Spring semester
of 1947, thereby being the first of the local
clubs to be organized on the campus. It is
composed of students from Chicago and a
50-mile radius around the city.
This group has for its aims and purposes:
service to the school, service to the student
body as a whole, and service to students from
the Chicago area in its capacity as a social
organization by sponsoring activities which
further the interests of and are beneficial to
the school and the students.
Highlighting the activities which have been
sponsored thus far in this regard is the Annual
Christmas Dance. Held during the school's
holiday vacation period, this year it was in
the Grand ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel in
Chicago. Another of its activities which centers
around the Christmas season is the Chicago
Club's party for the orphans at St. Vincent's
Home, at which members of the club distribute
gifts and candy and provide an evening's entertainment for the children.
In addition to this, the club is planning
dances and picnics during the summer months,
and at present is discussing the establishment
of a scholarship fund.


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