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1949 Yearbook

1949 Yearbook


1949 Yearbook


Industrial and Human Relations Council
First Row: J. Cooney, G. Weber, J. Kelly, A. Nobile, F. Lijewski
Second Row: E. Rice, D. Gallagher, T. McEwen, W. Sherwin
Third Row: P. Martin, B. Foster, V. Scott, J. Hart, J. Dunagan, H. Johnson, J. Sheridan,
L. Kirby, R. Geigner
Rev. William O'Connor - Faculty Advisor
Gerald Cooney ----- President
The purpose and function of this organization are to help develop a social and political
consciousness in the St. Ambrose student body.
Its activities have been in numerous fields.
During the past year, members of the organization's Labor Study Group conducted a survey
of labor centiment among the student body,
and with their findings initiated a petition for
better labor legislation which they forwarded
to both State and National Legislatures.
The Inter-Recial and Economic Survey
Groups conducted inquiries into the living conditions of minority groups in the community.
These are but a few of the functions carried
on by this active and informative organization.


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