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1949 Yearbook

1949 Yearbook


1949 Yearbook


Pre-Legal Club
1st row, D. Maher, M. Foley, J. Klise
2nd row, R. Enburg, J. Lanzillotti, D. McManus, B. Martin
3rd row, H. Janney, J. Davy, T. Arnold
Matt Foley -------- President
Joseph Morrissey ----- Vice President
Joseph Lanzillotti - Secretary-Treasurer
Rev. Robert Welch - Faculty Advisor
The Pre-Legal Club was established in
October, 1947, by the students of St. Ambrose
College engaged in following a curriculum
preparatory to the study of law. The purpose
of this organization is to perform those functions
which will prove beneficial to the members in
their pursuit of legal knowledge.
The club has, in the past, engaged such re-
knowned speakers as Judge Joseph Donegan,
former Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court,
Mr. Bernard Moran, State's Attorney for Rock
Island County, and Mr. John Chapman, Special
Investigator for the FBI.
Another function of the club is the accumulating of the necessary requirements for entrance
into the law schools throughout the country.
This information is kept on a specific shelf in
the library.
The Pre-Legal banquet, at the end of the
spring semester, is the club's main social


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