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1949 Yearbook

1949 Yearbook


1949 Yearbook


The Viatorians
The Clerics of St. Viator is a religious community
within the Roman Catholic Church. The community
was founded a little over a century ago in France
by the Rev. Louis Querbes. The three-fold aim of
the institute consists of the sanctification of its members, teaching of Christian Doctrine, and service of
the Altars. The headquarters of the American province, with The Very Rev. Richard French, C.S.V. as
provincial superior, are located in Chicago where
is also found the provincial novitiate or house of
Here, in Davenport, is the provincial scholasticate
or the house of scholastic formation, with Very Rev.
John Shipman, C.S.V., as the director. After a year
of novitiate, the future catechists make vows of
poverty, chastity, and obedience for three years. They
are then sent to the scholasticate where they continue
their religious studies and also enter upon a course
of academic studies. The latter they pursue at St.
Ambrose College for four years. After this, they are
sent to the seminary to prepare for the ordination to
the priesthood. It is also during their scholasticate
that they make perpetual vows of the virtues mentioned above.
The Brothers attending St. Ambrose College have
a substantial degree of freedom in choosing their
major fields, although they are advised and directed
in this regard by their superiors. Most of them later
continue in the graduate schools during summer
sessions and after ordination. All these scholastic
pursuits, however, point toward but one goal —
Christian pedagogy.


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